Decorating the nursery

We are lucky with having a new build our house is a blank canvas.  We can do what we want.  Also with a new build there isn’t any major work we need to do with bump on the way

We’ve been thinking about decorating the nursery, especially now we know we are expecting another little man.  We’ve picked which room is going to be his.  He’s going to have the smallest room, it is big enough for a cotbed & drawers.  We have a double bedroom which we use for guests, that’s going to stay for that purpose.  Maybe when the boys are older they will move into other rooms but with all our families living so far away we need a place where they can sleep

With Mini M we always rented when he was little so it was more furnishings to decorate the room than making any massive changes.  We used a lot of pictures, curtains, bedding & bunting to decorate the room

Even now we are in our own home his room is more about his furnishings that decorating.  We will change this as he gets older but at the moment we feel his room suits his needs well.  His likes are going to change & we don’t want to make his room too “babyish” so will wait until he is a little older now to do any major decorating

With bump we feel like we can start off with his room being his own.  I want to add some colour but have to be aware of the size of the room, I don’t want to make it feel small.  I do really want to get some bunting again but we need to decide on a name first!

I work long hours so trailing around shops isn’t always an option

I do a lot of my research, and shopping, online

E-Hardware has a variety of hardware accessories for all your DIY needs

It might sound daft but door handles are something you need to consider with a little person, in our last house Mini M could open the doors really easily but in this one his struggles a little bit.  I was surprised on the selection of door handles on E-Hardware

Something all parents with little people know about is the way they open the door & bang it into the wall.  Door stops are something we are looking into for all our rooms to save our walls being damaged

Another thing that is really useful is hooks, especially with a baby, we found with Mini M it was easier to have things in reach and easy access to so hooks on the walls & doors are a brilliant idea

With a baby light switches are really important, we want a dimmer switch this time so we have the opportunity to put the lighting on low during those night feeds

As I explored the website I found other items which come in really useful with little people.  For example gate locks to keep the garden secure

If you’re looking for a website for your DIY needs, check our E-Hardware

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