A little scare

A week ago we ended up spending 5 hours in the hospital

I’d been having pains over the weekend, bath & painkillers had helped a little bit but not massively

33 week bump

My 33 week bump

On Sunday night I was really in quite a bit of pain, Monday morning I was in tears through lack of sleep & pain

I decided enough was enough & I called the maternity suite, they asked me quite a few questions and then suggested I go up to be monitored

When we arrived we were taken straight away into a room, which I was surprised about as I thought we might have to wait for a bit

They did my observations & asked me more questions

They then hooked me up to the monitor

Bump did not like the monitor & was wriggling a lot, which is a good sign!

His heart rate was varying from 120-163

The midwife stated they wanted the Dr to check me over but they were in surgery so I would have to wait for them to finish.

Mr M took himself off to Costa to get himself a coffee, I gave my mum a phone to give her an update as she’d only received a frantic text in the morning

The midwife came back after nearly 2 hours saying the Dr wanted them to carry out a test on me to check for signs of early labour.  I won’t got into details but it was not pleasant!!!

Whilst they waited for the results to come through the Dr came & had a quick chat with us, again we gave the same story

He went away then came back about 20 minutes later.  The test had come back that I was low risk of going into labour in the next 2 weeks (phew!).  As much as we want to see bump we don’t want him coming too early

He stated that without a CT scan it is hard to say what exactly is causing the pain but obviously as I’m pregnant they wouldn’t be carrying one out

He stated that the kind of pains I was having (stabbing pains) and the area they were it was highly likely my uterus was damaged from my previous section.  The biggest concern was that if I go into labour my scar could rupture.

He explained that other than pain relief there wasn’t much they could do at the moment & the fact that baby was fine & other than pain so was I it would just be monitoring how I get on.  I have my consultant appointment in 2 weeks so he stated to monitor the pain & discuss plans with my consultant, it may mean my section date might need to be brought forward slightly

Both the consultant & midwife said if they pains continue or we are concerned I was to get straight back in touch with the hospital so they could monitor me

I did feel like I’d wasted their time a little bit, I had been really reluctant to phone for that reason, but I also felt reassured that they had checked me over & bump was ok

I continue to get pains but I’ve been monitoring them & trying to rest when I can (easier said than done!!)

We’ve got our consultant appointment next week so I will feel happier when we have discussed everything through with them & got our section date!

I am starting to think that maybe I’m not cut out for pregnancy though

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